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What are the Light Cabin and Light Tunnel?

What are the Light Cabin and Light Tunnel? For what purposes can they be used?

In what sizes are they made?

New Hungarian invention! Innovative and elegant appearance!

They have been specifically developed to facilitate paintless dent repair and the assessment of hail damage by insurance companies.

The Light Cabin and Light Tunnel solutions are made and supplied in uniquely efficient designs all over the world.

The Light Cabin is a structure equipped with a lighting system and internal surface finishing that make all the dents on vehicles having suffered hail damage apparent and evident. From any direction, damage caused by hailstorms, falling chestnuts, gales, vandalism and other reason can be excellently seen, marked, photographed and repaired. With the use of the Light Cabin, all the damage can be inspected and assessed with perfect accuracy, convenience and extraordinary quickness – without the need to make arrangements for re-assessments –, while an ideal environment and space is available for dent repairs.

The Light Cabin and Light Tunnel are made in lengths of 6, 7 and 8 meters, from galvanized metal elements painted in optional colours. It is a constructed structure to be used within buildings, i.e. indoors. If demanded, they can be produced in outdoor designs and special dimensions. They are equipped with doors and windows as demanded, but underfloor heating has to be installed by our customers, at their own costs. The power supply, as well as the construction of an evenly surfaced base of appropriate load-bearing capacity should also be provided by our customers.

Light Tunnel is a new solution with the additional advantage that after the assessment of the dents the hail-damaged car can be driven straight on to the next work area, for instance to the Light Cabin.

And our most novel developments are the Mobile Light Cabin and Mobile Light Tunnel!

This special opportunity is recommended to companies that physically follow hail storms, and perform the contracted paintless hail damage repair works at the site of the hail damage. The Mobile Light Cabin can be taken to any place, after the execution of repairs on even hundreds of hail-damaged cars, following the project it can be dismantled, and erected again at the following site of repairs.

Each version is 5-meter wide and 2.9-meter high, but for the outdoor version all the dimensions are a few centimeters larger (external dimensions).

The entrance opening is cc. 2.6-meters high and cc. 4.63-meters wide for all the versions.

See further details HERE!

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