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Advantages of light cabinets and light tunnels

  • Extremely quick insurance-related damage assessment for cars – e.g. full-scale assessment of hail damage within max. 20–25 minutes;
  • Convenient assessment of damage – no need for extra lights and uncomfortable postures in the course of inspection;
  • Accurate damage assessment – the number and sizes of dents can be perfectly verified, they are made visible from any angle;
  • Excellent images can be taken of the dents from any angle of sight;
  • Ideal environment and space for the execution of repairs, concurrently several technicians can be involved in servicing the same car, disturbing circumstances can be excluded (as an option, various doors can be ordered);
  • Innovative and elegant design;
  • Various (optional) dimensions to be installed indoors or outdoors;
  • Several fields of work can be combined in the light tunnel or light cabinets built one after the other (optional);
  • Available in any size (optional);
  • Remarkably long lifetime;
  • Upgrading options;
  • Low electricity costs;
  • Easy and quick cleaning; 
  • Very fast return of the investment; 
  • Affordable prices; 
  • Any individual demand is feasible;
  • Mobile light cabinet and mobile light tunnel for diverse work areas; they can be relocated and re-installed anywhere,

Disadvantages of light cabinets and light tunnels:

  • Not a single dent can go undetected! :)
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